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Here are a few tips for beginners to start on their own.

1. Socialize your Dog! Get pup around as many different people, dogs and environments as possible. Make them pleasant experiences!

2. Become the Alpha dog right away! Somebody has to be in charge. Pup has to trust you as his leader to respect you!

3. Pup must learn to value your attention highly. Donít always give it away for free! Make him earn it, or it will dilute the power of training. The same concept applies to treats.

4. Keep your dog hungry for training. Make sessions short and fun!

5. Timing is very important whether you are correcting or rewarding your dog.

6. Consistency and repetition are important to improve reliability of learned behaviors.

7. Reward (Praise, Pet, Treat) the behaviors you would like to see repeated, and ignore the behaviors you would like to see disappear.

8. Never repeat a command. It will dilute the word, and the dog will get used to not responding the first time.

9. When teaching your dog anything, try to set pup up for 100% success. Learning can be fun, if pup succeeds. Make it easy for them.

10. Never train with your dog if you are angry or under stress. Animals can sense this and it will hinder the training process.

11. Never hit, kick, or scream at your dog.

12. Give pup fresh water and food every day, shade in the summer, a warm place to stay dry in the winter... And as much attention as you can.

13. Have your dogís license and vaccinations kept up to date.

14. Bring your pets inside often, and make them part of your family!

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