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Inmates Give Dogs a Second Chance

by Kimberly Matas

Arizona's first class of inmate-trained service dogs will graduate Wednesday from the Second Chance Prison Canine Program.
Second Chance - one of about 100 similar programs nationwide - pairs dogs with prison inmates who train the dogs as service animals... read more

For more information on the Second Chance Prison Canine Program or to volunteer, or to help or volunteer, visit:

The Dog Whisperer
-Former copper miner trains service animals

By Kimberly Matas
SAN MANUEL - With just a word from Jay Smith, chocolate Labrador Chance trots to the refrigerator, opens the door, grabs a can of beer and brings it to his owner.
No, it's not a Super Bowl commercial. It's the training of displaced San Manuel miner Smith, who teaches his clients' canin... read more



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"It is my great pleasure to recommend Jay Smith as a dog obedience and agility trainer. I have known Jay for nearly a decade and I have always been impressed by his innovative and enthusiastic approach to working with dogs and the people they own.

I first met Jay when he approached me and asked to work with me through my capacity as a professional dog trainer so that he might learn more about working with dogs. Jay is always dependable and conscientious and always gives more than 100% to the task at hand. I can always depend on Jay to conduct himself in a professional and thorough manner.

Recently, I have observed Jay conducting his own dog obedience classes. Jay connects well with people, and to a person, his clients have been enthusiastic and motivated. The same can be said of their pets, because Jay is first and foremost a lover of dogs.

It gives me pleasure to see Jay bringing his skills to a broader audience, and I am sure that any organization or entity would greatly benefit from his skills and involvement."

- Web Parton, Professional Bird Dog Trainer Oracle, AZ

"We are taking 2 of our dogs to obedience training right now. I think they are having fun learning new things. Jay makes dog training look easy. There are always new things to learn (even though I thought I knew it all, because we have 7 dogs!).

I would recommend Jay to anyone who's interested and dedicated enough to get their dog trained."

- Sabine and Paul Johnson
Florence, AZ

"The best recommendation we can give for Community Dog Training is in Polly's own reactions.

As we turn the corner near the park, Polly perks up, gets an excited expression on her face and starts whining. She can't wait to get to class, hops out of the car, and rushes up to greet the other dogs. After much running around, jumping on each other and generally being very happy dogs class is ready to start.

Jay's calm demeanor is translated to the dogs. He takes time to individually instruct each owner and dog, gives great hints on how to handle problems at home, and is always available to owners and their dogs. Clicker training appears to be enjoyable to everyone and is something that can allow for individual creativity.

Polly is often "sad" when class ends. She'll sometimes cry for a bit on the way home and then succumbs to sleeping all the way home. She has especially enjoyed the "Play Group" time, the trip to the Cow Pond and meeting new dog friends."

- The Wadley Family (Jeff, Marcia and Polly) Oro Valley AZ

"My dog Schatzi and I benefited greatly from Jay's obedience and agility training. The socialization and instruction was excellent. Because Jay instructed me as well as my dog, I have been able to make great improvements with her away from class. I highly recommend his positive reinforcement training methods and I have a manageable and enthusiastic large dog to prove it."

- Christy Desautels
Tucson, AZ

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