The Animal Protection Institute has presented an article on its web site ( that addresses this question in detail. They point out that most pet owners buy into the image that pet food manufacturers promote through the media and advertising. They want you to believe their products contain choice cuts of meat, fresh grains, and all the wholesome nutrition your pets require.

What consumers donít know is that major human food companies own most pet food companies. In actuality, pet foods provide an $11 billion per year market for slaughterhouse scraps, grain considered "unfit for human consumption", and similar waste products to be turned into profit. This waste includes intestines, udders, esophagi, poultry feathers and heads, beaks, hooves, and in some foods, diseased and cancerous animal parts.

You really have to know what is in the ingredients. Advertising and labeling is very misleading and the FDA has no control over it.

When animals or poultry are slaughtered, the remains not going into human products, (about 50%), is used in pet foods. These are listed as: "by-products", "meat and bone meal", or similar labeling. You will see "meal" used in many labels. This just means that it has been rendered. Chicken meal or Lamb meal would be ok.

Commercial pet food manufacturers also use chemical preservatives that are not permitted in human food. These can be very harmful to your pet.

Pet food manufacturers also use inexpensive grains and waste from the cereal industry as fillers. Corn, in particular, is bad for dogs as they do not digest it well and pass it through to add your yard pick-up. Many dogs develop skin allergies from corn. Some suppliers even use peanut shells as fillers, which have no nutritional value.

A steam extrusion process that puffs the food into pellets, adding air, which can cause bloating, and gas when digested cooks most pet foods. A few companies do the right thing and oven bake their food, which aids in digestion.

As in human food, the first three ingredients are the most important! You should not have a food that contains: by-products, "meat and bone meal", chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin) and fillers such as corn and peanut hulls.

Your pet food should advertise that it : All natural, has only human grade ingredients, contains no by-products, has no chemical ingredients, fresh, and is OVENBAKED!

I have found such a food for my dogs and am now offering it to my friends, family and clients.

Since I have started my dogs on Flint River Ranch quality pet food, they have become all around healthier animals. Their coats are softer and they scratch much less. They have less eye goopy too! They have firm and less amounts of stool. I am feeding the senior food to my 8 year old Lab, which is loaded with glucosimine (for joints). He is much more active now.

You canít buy this food in any pet store. It is shipped directly to your house from Riverside, CA where the food is made. It has a shelf life of 6 months. Most pet foods donít have a shelf life at all because it will last forever due to the preservatives.


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As owners, trainers & breeders, we are often asked: "What do you feed your dogs?" After more than two decades of home cooking for our dogs, a freshly prepared diet is still our preference. However, the realities of life mean that at times it is handy to have a top quality commercial food, so we have experimented with many of the "natural" dog foods. We also need to be able to make recommendations to our clients and to our puppy owners. Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Foods have won our support & our best recommendation. Always concerned with the quality of the ingredients, we also insist on easily digested, nutritionally dense foods that offer maximum benefits.

What makes Flint River Ranch so good?

  • OVEN-BAKED KIBBLE - Not extruded, Flint River Ranch foods are twice baked to change hard-to-digest starches into easily digested dextrins, and no corn.
  • ALL NATURAL with essential vitamins & chelated minerals
  • NO BY-PRODUCTS ALWAYS FRESH - Made 3x weekly then shipped directly to you
  • HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE - lower stool volume/clean-up & less odor in the litter box!
  • NO artificial colors or flavors.
  • NO Ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT or chemical preservatives
  • HIGH DENSITY - feed 20-25% per less than other foods 100%
  • FREE DELIVERY via UPS directly to your door (continental US only)
  • CONCENTRATED Flint River is very concentrated - you may have to feed 25% LESS than you are feeding now!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - or return unused portion for a full refund

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