My Goals as the Instructor

1. To educate the public about responsible pet ownership and humane training practices.

2. To turn dog owners into dog lovers.

3. To make sure all dogs and people have fun!

4. To present the training material in a clear, easy to understand fashion.

5. To see every team (dog and owner) improve.

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Jay V. Smith, Trainer
Community Dog Training

Phone: (520) 792-6411

Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers 

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Training -

North Tucson finally has a place where you can attend an affordable, fun, dog training class! Or should I say, people training class. All dogs and people are welcome!

My name is Jay Smith, and Iíve lived in Arizona 10 years. I'm a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers which can be found at and a member of Toastmasters

My love for dogs (animals) started years ago with my best friendís Frisbee Catching Labrador Retriever. He amazed me with his athleticism and intelligence. I've had dogs as a major part of my life ever since.

I spent the first part of my dog-training career working as a volunteer for professional bird dog trainer, Web Parton. I wanted to learn more about training dogs, and Web was patient enough to let me tag along with eyes and ears open. Our school never had less than 8 eager students.

I then discovered and researched a learning theory called Operant Conditioning. This learning theory simply says: Anything that immediately follows a behavior will increase or decrease the chances of whether that behavior will be repeated.

By using positive reinforcement "Clicker Training" we never have to use force to train our best friend. It is by far the fastest and most fun way to train animals. For further information about Clicker Training, visit

For years we have trained dogs with the word "no" to perform behaviors to avoid correction or punishment. The clicker means "yes" at the exact time a behavior is performed if you want to see repeated. A treat always follows the click. The dogís enthusiasm and eagerness to be trained will surprise you!

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Service Dog Training

Snake Aversion Training
Teach your dog to stay away from rattlesnakes!
We offer it!

Ask Jay about clicker training a horse to retrieve!


Ask Jay about Clicker Training a cat to retrieve.

Yes you heard him right!...

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